10-hour MP3 series on Emunah

Download Rabbi Dovid Sapirman’s 10-hour MP3 series on Emunah–FREE!

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Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, Rabbi Dovid Sapirman’s landmark audio series about the fundamentals of Emunah is available FREE for a limited time. (No strings attached–you don’t even have to give your email address!)

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What you get: Know What to Answer to Yourself  by Rabbi Dovid Sapirman A life-changing 10-hour series:

  • …The many spectacular aspects of the universe that testify to a Creator
  • …Where the evolutionists went wrong (and why they believe in it anyway)
  • …Incontrovertible evidence for the Revelation at Sinai and Torah Min Hashomayim
  • …The startling reason why so many Jews have been lost to Torah observance
  • …Astounding predictions from the Torah… that all came true!

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The Ani Maamin Foundation believes every child deserves to learn the fundamental points of Torah philosophy in a clear and non-judgmental way, at home and in the classroom. We also believe that EVERY parent and educator can learn to teach Emunah… and we’re here to help. www.animaamin.org

Rabbi Dovid Sapirman, a former talmid of the Philadelphia, Ponivez, and Lakewood Yeshivos, has taught and lectured both in the yeshiva and kiruv world for over four decades. Feeling the severe deficiency in emunahwhich prevails among our youth, Rabbi Sapirman founded the Ani Maamin Foundation dedicated to spreading chizuk in emunah to Yidden everywhere: youth, parents, and mechanchim alike.

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